Kahala / Diamond Head

Kahala is considered to be Oahu’s Beverly Hills. The neighborhood enjoys low traffic flow, beautifully landscaped roads, sprawling parks, top-notch cuisine, and a feeling of spaciousness, serenity, and security that’s hard to come by in some of the busier Honolulu neighborhoods. Kahala is well known for its beachfront properties and their million dollar views. It’s no wonder that many celebrities and business moguls keep vacation homes in the neighborhood. Forbes ranked Kahala third as one of the safest neighborhoods and ninth-ranked by USA Today for best neighborhoods on Oahu.

Diamond Head is the iconic state monument with a panoramic view of Honolulu. The crater is one of Hawaii’s most famous landmarks. Diamond Head has its own surf spot as well. Close to Kapiolani Park and Kaimana Beach – the locals’ beach. Right outside of Waikiki you’ll find local eateries and farmers’ markets.

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